Covid-19 Health & Safety Update

We're Committed to Being a Safe Hotel in Quebec City

May, 11th 2022


All employees and customers entering the property will need to have a mask readily available.

Disposable masks will be available for sale at the cost of $2 each at the front desk.

The Travelodge Hotel Quebec City consider the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and cares about the health and safety of its customers and employees. With that being said, hygienic measures have been taken in order to protect both our employees and our customers. 

  • Masks are mandatory.
  • Waiting 4 hours before entering or cleaning a vacant rooms after the guest has departed;
  • Automatic door system;
  • Regularly disinfect all door handles & buttons;
  • Protective plexi glass installed at Front Desk;
  • Disinfection of credit card machine after each use;
  • Signage indicating 6ft distance;
  • Hand sanitizing stations;
  • Frequent cleaning of all surfaces & frequently touched items;
  • Allows guest to reserve a time slot for indoor heated pool at the Front Desk
  • Limit capacity based on size of the indoor heated pool (3 families or 10 people max).
  • Limit capacity based on size of meeting spaces;
  • Emphasis on proper AV through wireless connection;
  • Disinfect tables, sitting area, doorknobs, podium, etc. after every banquet function;
  • Possibility to rent special hygienic services if requested by our clients such as thermal camera rentals, individual office booths and more. It will be our pleasure to assist you if you are interested in some of these articles. 
  • Specific government measures and norms guidelines updated weekly.

And many more.


Hotel - Open

Indoor heated pool - Open

Restaurant - Closed

Fitness Center - Closed

Sauna - Closed

Electric car charging - Available at 1.50$ per hour of electric charge with our partner Borne Flo


As this situation continues to change rapidly, please visit the official websites to have the most up to date information: